Swedish Tacos

Swedish Tacos?!?!

Whatever happened to meatballs and smorgasbords?

I suppose the answer is globalization yet again.

Gregory Rodriguez, writing for the LA Times, dwells on how the quaint little taco made it all the way to Sweden where the Nordic country is currently undergoing a “taco craze.”

Rodriguez points out that foreign foods are often introduced to local cultures by way of immigrants. Not so with Tacos in Sweden, however. The country has very few Mexicans. Instead, the yummy corn tortilla treat was introduced mostly through American TV shows and movies. Somehow the craze caught on and now, according to one Swede interviewed for the article, local families eat the Mexican specialty at least once a month.

Sweden, once so lily white and homogeneous, can only benefit from such ethnic foods and diversity. I’m such a taco snob, however, I’m not going near the things next time I visit Stockholm. I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe that some blue-eyed Viking named Sven will be able to dish out the same spicy, mouth-burning masterpieces I find at home in Los Angeles. Nope. It’s going to be meatballs and smorgasbords for me. And, maybe a Corona.