Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens

GardensYesterday I finally stepped out of my hotel for a breath of fresh Omaha air. Unlike some of the past couple of days the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was near perfect for exploring. There were many stops along on the way, which I may or not reveal as time moves on, but for now I’ve settled on sharing my precious moments in Omaha’s botanical gardens. (Okay, precious was a bit much, but they were certainly pleasant.) The 100-acre Lauritzen Gardens are the home of many different gardens: the arrival garden, festival garden, rose garden, and one of my personal favorites – the Hitchcock-Kountze Victorian Garden. Within the later garden mentioned both English and Victorian garden styles are combined and architectural remnants are also featured. Spending a good little bit of time in this area; I studied some of pretty perennials and snapped many a photo. I wandered on the walkways checking out the Persian Cornflower and Garden Mum. I walked the pathway to Japanese Sunpu Gate and imagined the future Japanese garden. Many years past I probably wouldn’t have spent much time in a botanical garden, but having been to three (not many, I know) in very diverse regions of the world, I’ve come to gain a new found appreciation for our floral pals.

Having just returned from Tajikistan, where I visited the world’s second highest botanical gardens, I wasn’t blown way by Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens, but a visit still makes for a nice afternoon activity. Plus Omaha, Nebraska is probably much easier to reach than Tajikistan. If you go to the gardens take a book and relax on one of the benches or your camera for a photo safari. No matter how you choose to spend your time you’re bound to have a good one.

Lauritzen Gardens are located at 100 Bancroft Street, Omaha, NE 68108. Ph. 402.346.4002. The gardens are open year-round except Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM. Admission is $6/adult and $3/child (age six to 12).