Shogun Sushi

Shogun SushiAlmost everywhere I turned in Jackson, WY I had someone tossing out a restaurant recommendation or two. This absolutely delighted me, however it is during these times when everyone wants to provide you with the most delicious dish on the most delicious dish, that you aren’t quite ready to saddle up and dig right in because your taste buds are craving something totally different. For instance, while walking around the Old Faithful gift shop trying to kill time before the big geyser blew, the manager heard my partner and me talking about where we should dine. Being as helpful as can be, he suggested we go to the nearby lodge that made an amazing bison burger or something. My stomach immediately felt heavy. As much as I like red meats I was in no mood for anything that could be the size of a small dinosaur. I wanted some lighter international fare which leads me to the moment I actually had the chance to nab some in Jackson.

It was the day after our big adventures in the park that we walked into Shogun Sushi. For the most part Shogun Sushi wasn’t knock-your-socks-off sushi, but it was decent. I ordered spicy hamachi maka and my pal had an order of shrimp tempura. I enjoyed my dish, but my friend found his only to be okay. Both of us each had a side of tasty plain inari. At Shogun Sushi they offer stuffed inari with items like crab, tuna, etc. It’s a bit unusual, but our super friendly waiter said it sales. The food was only slightly expensive considering everything in the mountains is slightly expensive, but it is certainly worth stopping in if your belly isn’t ready for bison burger.

Shogun Sushi is located at 265 W. Broadway, Jackson, WY. Ph. 307.733.9168. Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week. M-F 11 AM- 11 PM and Sat-Sun 5 PM to 11 PM. Take out or delivery.