Gadling Podcasts on iTunes

Just a little note here to let you know that we’re actually available on itunes now. It’s still not perfect. The image is our old one and the list of available podcasts doesn’t show up properly, but you can now go to itunes and download all of our podcasts. Or, better yet, you can subscribe to them and have them synched up with your ipod. We did a new podcast just yesterday, a quick talk with Nicholas Butterworth, the CEO of a new travel video company called Travelistic, which officially launches on Monday. And before that, we did one with guidebook writer Joshua Berman. Coming up next week, we have one with one of the guys who started Road Trip Nation. So you see, there’s lots of good reasons to subscribe over on itunes. Go for it.

Other podcasts:
Diver John Chatterton
of Deep Sea Detectives and Shadow Divers
Undersea explorer Fabien Cousteau.
Josh Davis
, author of The Underdog
James O’Reilly, Executive Editor of Traveler’s Tales
Lonely Planet’s Don George
Eric Stiller, kayaker and the author of Keep Australia on Your Left
Jim Benning, co-editor of the online travel site Worldhum
Dean LaTourrette and Kristine Enea, travel authors
Cafe Reggio