World Championship of Dominoes

DominoesCall me lame for doing this, but those of you who have come looking to find details for this year’s World Championship of Dominoes will be upset to learn that the event has passed and just by a hair. The event was held from October 18-21, 2006. I too thought it would do me some good to slam some bones on the table and punish my opponent in a most embarrassing round of dominoes for some extra pocket cash ($25,000 U.S. for First Prize), but we will all have to wait until next year. That gives everyone who needs some polishing up extra time to prepare. The Air Jamaica World Championship of Dominoes appears to take place annually in or around Montego Bay, Jamaica and is one of many dominoe playing affairs. So if your heart should be filled with sorrow from this bad, yet good news turn your frown upside down and learn how to get into next year’s event here.