Word for the Travel Wise (11/08/06)

Lithuanian FlagSeems as though I’ve never met anyone who went to the Baltics and came back raving about the food. Two words that I’ve often heard to describe the fare are bland and spice-less. Unless spicy flavorsome food does a number on your stomach I can’t fathom why anyone would order bland and spice-less soup, sausage, eggs, or whatever. That said, if you’re in Lithuania or thinking about heading there and need to assess the food situation their City Paper has a great list of restaurants to help you escape and seek out the local flavor – though there isn’t any flavor.

Today’s word is a Lithuanian word used in Lithuania:

skanaus – bon appetit

First and foremost the best guide to the Baltics seems to be City Paper. They were the only ones who even offered a small list of commonly used Lithuanian words. The paper states you’ll be okay if you know a little Russian and the Lithuanian lingo is closely related to the now extinct Old Prussian. Otherwise finding resources on this one were pretty hard and um, weird. This afoto site lets you learn the parts of the face and hair by clicking on a picture of a young girl. Something about this felt awkward, but it works, I guess. Ominglot has their usual written language guide and Orbislingua has a few audio and reading recommendations. To purchase talking dictionaries click here.

Past Lithuanian words: viesbutis, gatve