Surfing Nicaragua

Just a month or two ago we did a podcast with a good guy named Josh Berman. Josh is one of the writers of several guidebooks to places like Belize and Nicaragua. In fact, he is also recently the author of a how to live abroad in Nicaragua book. The reason I bring all this up is that Josh talked a lot during our interview about the surfing in Nicaragua. Now, we’ve mentioned Nicaragua as one of the top global surf spots in several posts past, but Josh was adamant that Nicaragua is the place to be now, and that means now, since it won’t take long for Americans and other to swarm that place and make it a tourist nightmare, stripping the place of its authenticity. I was lucky enough to pass through Nicaragua years ago on my trip through South and Central America, and at that time it was hardly the kind of place that average tourists would enjoy. I liked it because it was rough around the edges…actually it was rough right down to the center…but that was fine by me. It made the place more interesting. Personally, I’d love to return, and so I figured I’d peek around a bit to see what people are writing today. Here, for example, is a fine site about surfing there. As well as a site dedicated entirely to surfing in this wee CA country. And finally, a piece in the SF Chronicle about surfing throughout the region.