Visit Kosovo!

I ended up visiting Kosovo almost by accident last summer when I found myself in the north east corner of Albania with only one road out that made any sense: across the border into Kosovo.

I only spent a couple of nights in the amazing town of Prizren, but quickly learned that this small, politically troubled region has so very much to offer. Unfortunately, the recent horrific events which occurred in Kosovo have scared many tourists from visiting.

In an effort to reverse this mode of thinking, Kosovo’s Department of Tourism has launched a webpage promoting their little slice of Europe. VisitKosovo is a nifty little site which addresses the area’s geography and cultural heritage. The site also offers travel tips and a photo gallery to give visitors an idea of the richness one can expect–just check out that photo above!

If you’re looking for somewhere utterly unique and off the beaten path, take a moment and look over the site. Visiting Kosovo was a fortuitous accident for me last summer; I wish this site was around back then so that I would have been better prepared.