Word for the Travel Wise (11/27/06)

AzeriWell it’s been months since I’ve tossed out an Azeri word and my lack of doing so is a result of few online English to Azeri resources. Not wanting to fail you or anyone out there with a remote interest in this far out foreign lang, I went back to Azeri.org where I managed to pluck this easy word out of a few others. Hope it helps someone out there.

Today’s word is an Azeri word used in Azerbaijan:

romanlar – novels

Azeri, also known as Azerbaijani, Azari, Azeri and Azeri Turkish is he official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, Iran is home for a majority of the Azeri speakers in the world. It is spoken in Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, south-eastern Georgia, northern Iraq, and eastern Turkey. I wanted to present you with a better word for the first lesson and second lesson in Azeri, but there are several with that upside down e and other characters and for me to try to give you one of those without the right character would cause too much confusion. Wiki has the lang background info and Azeri.org has some online lessons.

I’ll be patrolling the web for more online sources.

Past Azeri words: babatdir