Contest Time: Win a Trip to Dominica

It is time for another one of my random travel contest discoveries found out there on the web. I was lured to the new and very visually pleasing Dominica tourism site from an advertisement found on Nat Geo and further stumbled upon this great opportunity to win a trip to what they call, “The Nature Island.” If you have not heard, American Airlines/American Eagle has added flights to Dominica, so the winner should expect to be shipped into paradise on American, but not without answering a few simple questions. Now for the all Carib guru’s out there the contest quiz might be easy breezy like a summer wind drifting through the lush green leaves of the palm, but those just wanting a little Atlantic Ocean fun and sun with only a small amount of knowledge on Dominica will probably need to surf around the site for the answers. Questions include: What is the capital of Dominica? How many waterfalls can be found there and which type of whales frequent the waters? There are 10 questions in all, the contest is open until March 31, 2007 and winners are notified by April 30, 2007. So if your gut feeling is telling you you’ll be relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand this summer this could be your ticket in. Be sure to read the official contest rules.