Word for the Travel Wise (12/04/06)

Estonia FlagBrr… Since the weather system seems to be in a funk almost everywhere these days perhaps it is time we start learning the local lingo to help us better discuss global warming when chatting with our concerned foreign friends, say in Estonia.

Today’s word is an Estonian word used in Estonia:

jää – ice

To learn more about the background of this Finno-Ugric lingo check out Wiki online which has a few words to get you started at the bottom of their page. To jump right into the meat of the language go to speakestonian.com.uk which has a long list of everyday phrases to use and several links to keep you learning using a variety of methods. For free mp3 downloads for your cell phone go to the BBC and to make a pen pal or two before your journey sign-up at My Language Exchange.

Past Estonian words: pearoad, tere, pood