Alternative Berlin

Berlin is one of my favorite cities because it keeps on giving.

Long after you’ve seen all the standard “tourist sites,” countless other relatively unknown ones keep popping up and surprising you. Every time I revisit, it seems that another museum or funky exhibit has just opened or been discovered. The city is continually reinventing its secret tourist sights and I am never at a loss to see something new.

The Guardian recently asked four Berlin tour guides to come up with their “favorite alternative sights” in the German capital. The result is a short, but informative article one should keep handy if spending more than a couple of days here. Some of the suggestions I would consider a bit more mainstream than alternative, such as the now trendy Tacheles. Others, however, I have happily never heard about and plan on seeking out on my next visit–such as a crazy, all-night ping-pong bar named Dr Pong.