Word for the Travel Wise (12/06/06)

Kyrgyz FlagEver since the release of Borat all the ‘stans’ seem to be getting a little more attention and in my book that’s great! It means more people are waking up to the whole wide world and realizing these tiny less-explored spots are still alive and kicking. After I came back from Tajikistan people kept asking how was Kazakhstan and while I thought it was annoying that they couldn’t get it right at first, I started looking at who was doing the asking. Most of them probably wouldn’t have been in the same ball park if it hadn’t been for that silly Borat.

Today’s word is a Kyrgyz word used in Kyrgyzstan:

jaqshë – good

Kyrgyz also known as Kirghiz is spoken by about 3 million people. The lang is a northwestern Turkic language and together with Russian it is the official language of the country of Kyrgyzstan. It is also spoken in parts of China, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Check out Wikipedia for background info. In regards to learning online you’ve picked a toughie if you’ve decided on making Kyrgyz your second tongue. This Learning Kyrgyz blogspot page hasn’t been updated in ages, but it may have some helpful links and words of advice for persons eager to learn. If you’d like to learn by listening try the BBC in Kyrgyz. My online suggestions will stop there for now. I picked this word out of my Central Asia phrasebook from LP. Pick one up for yourself!

Past Kyrgz words: