Emirates Airlines to Allow Cell Phone Talk on Flights

EmiratesHere is a story that leaves me middle of the road. As much as I enjoy my own cell phone bicker-babble to my home girl Becky about last night’s victory in Taboo over cheese and wine I can honestly say if some stranger on the street were having a similar chat with their loved ones for an extended period of time in my presence I’d probably get a little annoyed. Since cell phones have become an extension of man’s ear time, place, and usage etiquette have been of large discussion.

Starting January 2007 Emirates Airlines will be the first carrier to allow cell phone chatter while 35,000 ft. in flight. Calls made in-flight with Emirates will fall right in line with international roaming rates which vary by mobile carrier. Australian airline, Quantas, hopes to have the technology to allow in-flight cell phone talk by early next year, but it looks like it will be a while before the U.S. follows suit. CNN also notes that 61 percent of business travelers oppose the idea of being able to use their cell phones while flying. I can certainly OVERstand that. As if jetting to and fro for your big corporate American hot-shot boss isn’t enough now they’ll have the opportunity to ring your ears out while coping with turbulence and the nasty recycled air blowing from above your head. If you’re traveling for leisure and wish to have a quick word with your friend of family member about your flight time or groceries to pick up from the store that could be just fine and dandy so long as it doesn’t last the full length of the flight. There isn’t enough cabin space if you ask me, but who am I to make up the rules?

How do you feel about in-flight cell-phone use? Should the U.S. get with it or keep away?