Chi-Town New Year’s Eve Recommendations

ChicagoEarlier this year when I cried for travel help while venturing through the areas of Olney and Salem, Illinois I received few responses. As a matter of fact I think there was only one reader that offered any suggestions. Tomorrow I’m heading back to the fine Mid-West state where I will spend New Years in Chicago and hang around two weeks for work. My past travels through Chicagoland have always been brief and I’ve never been a big run all over on NYE type of person, but this year I’m turning the beat around. I’ve surfed the web and seen several almost enticing opportunities (CenterStage features several goodies) to while the last night of 2006 away, but I’m not sold on any yet. So I’m crying out again and I’m expecting a whole lot of help this time! AND just so I’m not left hanging out bare-naked in the cold I’m going to offer a few clues to what I’m looking for. Those who wish to persuade otherwise are welcome to join in too.

For starters a simple ball drop type of deal will do. Is there some place Chicago natives go (perhaps families) to count the clock’s tick-tock to midnight that doesn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg? I’m going to be flexible here and allow good lounge rec’s as well, but I’m looking for simple, slightly dressy, and cheap. So what’s the word?