GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of December 24

GadlingBefore you start rattling off with excuses about how the family was visiting from Buffalo or how you got tied up under the mistletoe, please do me one small favor. Spare the sob story. I don’t care why you couldn’t get here or what could have been more important than getting your travel fix, but you’re lucky that I’m nice and feeling the holiday spirit for I’m giving you the gift of checking out what you missed!

5. Would You Like Polonium With That?:

Folks following the case of the Russian spy that was poisoned might be interested in filling their mouths with the very same cuisine the spy was noshing on when things went awry and sour in his stomach. Iva informs us that the Itsu in London isn’t doing so well at the moment and one can understand why, but the newest location in NYC is thriving. Someone daring enough to try the hamachi?

4. He’s BaaaaaacK! Michael Jackson in Vegas:

I’m not going to say a whole lot here. Erik already did a fine job of that, but in short the King of Pop shall be performing in Vegas. C’mon you know and I know you’re dying to see Mike!

3. Emirates Airlines to Allow Cell Phone Talk on Flights:
Starting in January 2007, Emirates Airlines will be the first to allow cell phones use during flights. If you’re not a fan of cell phones in general or someone babbling in your ear it may be time to invest in some ear plugs.

2. Expense Reports: The Bane of Travel Writers:

Okay, this is funny because if you’ve ever needed a receipt for any job, not just travel writing you can relate. Expense reports are just not fun, but such is what must be done when traveling on the company’s dollar.

1. Not Taking Vacation! Shame on You!:
This is too hard to believe. There are people (American people) who actually don’t take their vacation days off. It is just jaw-dropping. We’re not saying take the one or two weeks and go to Tonga, but geez, give yourself the opportunity to kick back at home and watch the Discovery Channel for crying out loud. Take a break!