Winter Trails 2007

Winter TrailsHaven’t had a chance to break into a winter activity? Well, Winter Trails 2007 takes place 6 January (tomorrow), and it could be your kick-off to an active season.

The Winter Trails program offers anyone the chance to try snowshoeing and cross country skiing for free. The event is geared toward those new to the activities, and the site tells me it’s an excellent outdoor experience for families, hikers, and youth groups. Many resorts across the United States will participate in the all-day event, and you can find out if there’s one near you via the Winter Trails 2007 event website.

Me? I love snow sports like downhill skiing and drunken tobogganing. There’s just something invigorating about waving your fist in the face of winter’s desolation… and watching the snow bunnies. Yeah, the snow bunnies have a lot to do with it.