Word for the Travel Wise (01/23/07)

Normally when I went out to search for Twi words I’d look to my African friends to provide me with some to pass onto you. Knowing how popular Ghana is among the many folks I know and its good reputation I figured there had to be some decent places online to obtain Twi vocabulary words and I have finally found one. Check out this Twi geocities page. There is a character that usually follows most words that I am not very familiar with and it follows the word below, but in regards to reading you should be able to recognize this one if not pronounce it absolutely correct.

Today’s word is a Twi word used in Ghana:

nante – walk, go on foot, travel

Pronounced ‘chwee,’ the language is spoken by some 7 million people concentrated in southern Ghana and is a dialect of the Akan language which belongs to the Kwa language family. Wikipedia is a good place to start for the background info. Unfortunately there aren’t many Twi resources on the web so I encourage you all to make some friends from Ghana, take a trip or exercise some of these useful books and CD’s found on Amazon. You could also try My Language Exchange, but the chances of there being a fully Twi speaking person wanting to swap your language knowledge for yours doesn’t seem too bright. Sorry, but worry not. I still have my list and more words to follow.

Past Twi words: akwantuo, akwaaba