America’s Stonehenges

Carhenge at sunsetStonehenge is likely on many people’s short list for famous sites they’d like to see. Or maybe I’m projecting my wishes onto the public at large? Who knows. In any event, Stonehenge is a popular tourist attraction, but somewhat difficult to visit, depending on your circumstances. However, if you live in the US, there are plenty of American Stonehenges you can pile your family/ frat brothers/ book club members into the car and drive to see.

  1. In Alliance, Nebraska, the members of the Reinder family built Carhenge as a memorial to their dad.
  2. Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains are home to Foamhenge, a carved-foam replica of the ancient marvel. (Amusingly, the creator of Foamhenge admits that because foam is not biodegradable, Foamhenge may last longer than the real Stonehenge.)
  3. And of course, who can forget Stonefridge (a.k.a., Fridgehenge), which was assembled by men in loincloths using pulleys and winches. (Check out the Flickr photo gallery of the site!)

The excellent Roadside America has the details on a variety of other Stonehenge replicas, if none of these sites are close to you.