Valentine’s Idea: Join the Mile High Club!

Cockpit viewIf the idea of getting freaky while you’re miles in the air turns you on, then maybe chartering a flight should be on your short list of things to do for Valentine’s. Surprisingly (or not), a small but growing market for people wanting to get their high-altitude lovin’ on has emerged recently. Featuring comfy, private spaces — big enough for rolling around but small enough for two (give or take) — charter flights for people wanting to join the mile high club have sprung up all over. For example:

  • In Georgia, Mile High Atlanta charges $299 for an hour-long flight in a Piper Cherokee Six. In addition to private time, participants get to swig from a complimentary bottle of champagne and “keep your sheets as a souvenir of this special event.” For that kind of money, laundry services should be included.
  • In the UK, Mile High Flights launches from Gloucestershire on a twin-engined Piper Aztec. After receiving champagne and strawberries, couples board their private love jet and cruise a mile in the sky. Prices range from £250 for a “Quickie” (30 minutes), and go up to £750 for a “VIP” (90 minutes). Upon conclusion, participants get a certificate. What? No sheets!?
  • Don’t like tiny planes? Maybe you have several girlfriends? Chicago’s classily-named Boomboom Plane has a 20-seat jet available for charter. You get what you pay for, I guess, as the Boomboom Plane goes for $1000/hour.
  • Mile High AZ (“We’re just plane naughty!”) charges $600 for 90 minutes — after you pay the $150 annual due.
  • Cincinnati’s Flamingo Air offers 1-hour flights, a private curtained cabin, champagne, chocolates and “one very discreet pilot” for $299.

Afraid of heights? Drop me an email and I’ll drive you around South Florida for $100/hour!