GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of February 11

GadlingIt’s Friday which means it’s time to lean back and reflect on some of this week’s goodies. Without delay here they are:

5. New Gadling Writer Bios:
Some of us have been here forever and some are just getting started. Either way check out the new writer bios to get a taste at what makes the writers tick, itch, scratch or where they like to play when they are not blogging for Gadling.

4. Washington’s Caribbean Phase:
Are you a history buff in need of a break away from stuffy and dusty library shelves? Why not head off to Barbados to retrace the steps of President George Washington who spent some time there himself. Read this piece to see what exactly it was old George did on the island and learn about the upcoming museum opening celebrations.

3. Bob Marley’s Legacy Continues:

Here’s one for all Marley fans to unite over and experience a day or two of one love-ness. Jaime points out upcoming Reggae music fests worth looking out for if not attending. Attending is always better in my book.

2. Baseball Travel Guide:

Now that we’ve covered some history and music trips worth a look, let’s move onto sports. If you’re into baseball you may wish to use it as an excuse or real good reason to get away from the office for a few days to see the boys in training. Check out this guide on where to go to get fired up on America’s favorite past time.

1. Fatpacking: Weight-Loss Backpacking:

If you’d rather be losing weight over watching very in shape ball players do what they do best plan a sports like hiking or fatpacking trip of your own and bring sexy back this spring.