Take a Dip in the World’s Deepest Indoor Pool

Scuba diving in a pool seems a little pointless, right? Maybe not, if the pool is 33 meters deep.

That’s what you’ll find at NEMO 33 — the world’s largest indoor pool. Not only is it an exceptionally long distance from the surface to the bottom, once you get down there, you’ll find a number of interesting rooms and passageways to explore.

The pool, located in Brussels, was designed by John Beernaerts, a diving expert, both as a unique space for Belgian divers, and also as an underwater film set.

These days, anyone can hop in and take a dive for €10 to €20 (depending on when you dive). You don’t even need your wetsuit — as NEMO 33 provides suits, masks and fins. After the first 15 minutes or snorkeling or freediving, you’re set loose to explore.

If you do end up checking it out, take an inside tip from blogger Amy at Wolfstad.com: “Get in the water fast and descend to your maximum depth quickly, before it gets too crowded.”

Sounds like a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

[via MetaFilter]