A Canadian In Beijing: Spring in Beijing

Spring has arrived in Beijing. I heard that it was recently snowing in Canada and was even minus 14 degrees Celsius this Easter weekend. I’ve got to say that this Chinese weather is suiting me just fine!

The trees have begun to blossom on campus. I learned the name of this first flower today: “yu lan hua” or “Jade Orchid.” The purple ones (pictured) are called “zi yu lan hua.” (There are other colours too.) They’re stunning. I wanted to crawl inside this one in yesterday’s early evening light.

There’s something about spring blossoms that makes people smile. I have seen countless students posing for photographs in front of these orchids and other blossoming trees around campus. I have seen people with flowers in their hands and grins on their lips.

Spring is emergence, no matter what country you’re in.

Emerging to inhale the fragrant smell of spring – that’s what we’re all doing. Even in Beijing (where the pollution masks most smells), the blossoms are sending greetings to me through my window. It’s a free ride on the crisp April breeze and it’s finding me here,