Undersea Eatery

I caught news about this cool restaurant in the Maldives at first over at this blog, and I was getting all giddy over the post heralding a “all new undersea restaurant”. Then I realized that the blog post was dated in 2005, so I had to rewrite things.

But I am still going to post about the restaurant because I have to say it’s really cool. I literally just left the Atlanta Aquarium and was blown away by some of the huge walk-in aquariums. Whale sharks swam overhead! But to sit and have dinner, perhaps a lightly baked fish, with the ocean and sea life overhead, well, that’d be great. Not to mention how cool to be in the Maldives, said to be the location of some of the best diving on the globe. So if you’re planning a trip to these islands before they disappear under the waves due to global warming, check out the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, and then let us know what you think.