Hilton to Home: Live in a Hotel Room

I’ve stayed in a lot of Hilton hotels, and I’m almost always pleased with the quality of the amenities in their rooms. (Unless it’s an airport hotel with a lot of turn-over. Yuck!) So, when I heard about Hilton to Home, I was ecstatic.

Hilton to Home is an official Hilton online store that sells *almost* every product used to create the Hilton hotel room experience. You can order anything from sheets to shampoo.

There are three products I have to mention. I’ve always enjoyed them at Hiltons, and it’s pretty cool that they’re available online:

  • Serenity Collection bedding – I tried these sheets at the Hilton Sedona, and they were so soft and relaxing. Quite the complement to Sedona’s natural serenity.
  • Shawl Collar Bathrobe – This one reminds me of a stay at the Hilton Berlin. I don’t quite remember when or why I put it on, but I found myself wearing the morning after a long night of drinking with the hotel’s bar band.
  • Hilton Family Exclusive Clock Radio – You can find these in almost any Hilton hotel. I like these because there are labeled buttons on the top that are preset to local Jazz, Rock, and Pop radio stations.

It’s nice to know that there’s a legal way to score some of these things for my own home because believe me… The housekeeping staff notices when things like curtains are missing.