Go Now before They’re Gone: Conde Nast Traveler’s 20 Most Threatened Places

Travel, on occasion, takes on apocalyptic proportions.

This is a fragile world we live in, after all, and it is no secret that marvelous destinations which beckon our travel spirit simply may not be around for much longer. Or, at the very least, will be so damaged by pollution, global warming, or the heavy hand of man that they will no longer be worth seeing.

This “see-them-before-they’re gone” theme pops up every once in a while in travel literature and when it does, we make sure to cover it for two reasons; we want you to go before they’re gone and we want you to do something to help prevent them from disappearing.

This month’s Conde Nast Traveler (May) has put together one of the very best compilations of Places to see before they Die.” With an introduction by travel legend Pico Iyer, Conde Nast Traveler jumps into 20 of the most threatened locations around the globe, which, they tell us, “are just a fraction of those vanishing before our eyes.”

Six of the locations warrant an entire page in the print edition describing “what’s at stake,” “the threat,” “best-case scenario,” and “worst-case scenario.”

And don’t think these are obscure places you’d probably never visit. Many of these you’ve heard of before and even though you think you may not want to visit, you’re wrong.

The list is sad and poignant and includes such places as the Borneo rain forest, the walled city of Baku (Azerbaijan), the Jewish quarter in Budapest, the Florida Everglades, Tibet, the Galapagos Islands, Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), and more.

Take a moment and read about these places before they are written about only in the history books.