Some Wineries are Banning Buses to Avoid ‘Limo Lushes’

Some California wineries are taking action against ‘Limo Lushes’ — those uncouth hooligans who head for wineries for the purpose of getting drunk, rather than sampling wine. The nerve! Who would have the audacity to go to a winery to get drunk. Um …. well, me, for one. Call me crazy, but I think one of the appeals of visiting a winery is the chance to get a buzz on in the afternoon for free, provided you’re not driving and you don’t get too obnoxious or out-of-control. But then again, I don’t have the most sophisticated palate (I think that much is obvious)

Some wineries are going to start banning tour buses, and they’ll even start charging for samples too. In Long Island, some wineries even have a policy in which they can kick out too-rowdy tasters. Here are suggestions for following proper winery etiquette:

  • Don’t treat the tasting room like it’s happy hour. You’re there to sample, not go crazy
  • Don’t monopolize the tasting counter — let someone else have a try.
  • And for the love of pete, don’t get rowdy and obnoxious. Stealing is not funny. This isn’t your neighbourhood pub.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll choose brewery tours over wineries. I think it’s more my style.

(via Reuters)