Getting Married? Here’s Some Good Advice.

My recent post about the wedding at Prague’s Ruzyne airport got me recalling my own marriage to Carol in 2003. Travel’s a big part of our life together. Even though we’re both from Auckland, we actually met in Thailand, and more often than not it’s her photographs which complement my words.

When we got married we’d already been living together for several years, so certainly didn’t need anything to set up a shared home. Instead we made a radical travel-oriented change to the traditional wedding register. Rather than ask for toasters, blenders and bed linen, our wedding invitation listed a range of experiences across five countries we would be visiting on our honeymoon. Guests were invited to “buy” us one of the experiences which ranged from cheap cafe meals to a helicopter ride around Manhattan.

When we got to each experience we had a local take a photo of us which we then sent out with our “Thank You” cards once we got home.

Cynical readers might say we were “just asking for money”, and hey, they may be right.

But the idea was a real hit with our guests and we made sure we didn’t get loads of unwanted stuff clogging up our small apartment. And we had a longer honeymoon than we could have normally afforded.