Delayed Flights and Laugh-Worthy Excuses

When I first read The Onion, I half-believed the articles. At the time, I was adjusting to teaching at a public school in Taiwan and sometimes got the feeling I was living an Onion article type of life. Having a good laugh over life’s absurdities and those things that sound true, but are not, can be sheer joy. That’s why I think Gadling’s April Fool’s posts are worth reading from beginning to end.

But, back to The Onion. Marilyn Terrell, who sent us the link to another priceless funny read, Brian Sack’s squat toilet story, just sent us the link to The Onion’s Infographic “Flight Delays.” This is a list of reasons for why flights have been so BAD AWFUL at showing up or leaving on time this summer. My favorite is: “Pilot not exactly in a hurry to get to Buffalo.”

Articles like this one won’t make planes arrive or depart when they are supposed to, but they sure make the bitter pill of airline travel a little more humorous. What else can you do sometimes, but laugh? Or rip someone’s head off.