Sunday Drive: Tuscany Suggestions

Okay, it’s Sunday and still in the days before the calendar says that summer is officially over. Being that it’s still summer, and it’s a drippy grey day in Columbus, I’m thinking if I were to go on a drive today, where would be a terrific place to go. Someplace that looks golden. Italy came to mind. Here’s are suggestions I found at Foder’s Travel Guide under the link, “Tuscany scenic drives and wine tasting.’ From what I read, this is a perfect time of year to head to the hills.

(This photo by timory2 was taken last September and is called Tuscany: driving along the highway at sunset.)

The road between San Quirico d’Orcia and Montepulciano was one of the recommendations made by Stu Dudely. (the second post) It seems he has been to Tuscany several times, so he is a person whose advice is worth checking out. Other people who have followed his tips have recently left comments thanking him for his suggestions. His suggestions center around the more quaint and low-keyed towns and villages of the region and he waxes poetic in his decriptions of the freshly plowed fields, the castles, vineyands, olive growvs and farm houses that this journey meanders through. Wine tasting, of course is part of the pleasure.

Along with giving suggestions of what to see, Stu lists where to stay. One mention as stay worthy is Relais La Sarincina in Pienza. This is a small scale hotel. For upscale, I came across this one. Villa San Giovanni one place to consider wanting to feel like royalty is what you are after. It was once a palace, now turned into a hotel.

If you go on a drive in Tuscany, know what the driving rules are. Here are some tips to help you take in the countryside safely.