Museum or Subway? Moscow’s Phenomenal Metro

There is no better subway in the entire world than the Moscow Metro. I’ve said this many times in various posts here on Gadling, but this time I have something to back up my statement: a YouTube video.

Well, actually, it’s more of a slide show set to classical music, but it’s still one of the best visual examples of what the metro is like.

Before you scoff and ask yourself why anyone would spend five minutes watching a slide show of subway trains come and go, realize that the Soviets created the subway system as an enormous propaganda piece, showcasing that art and culture of the USSR. What the slide show depicts is not trains, but rather stations–exquisite stations made of fine marble and populated with statues, mosaics, paintings, artwork, and a slew of other fine craftsmanship that one would expect to find in a museum and not buried deep underground in a subway station.

So, take five minutes out of your life to amaze yourself over the one thing that the Soviets did right; if only we in the West could emulate this today, I think a lot more of us might consider taking public transport on a daily basis.