Travel Insurance Policies Offer More Than Ever

As an accident-prone twenty-something traveling around the world, there was no way I was going anywhere without some form of travel insurance. I chose a policy that cost around $300 for my 10-month trip, and was pretty much only good for emergencies.

Although I visited the emergency room twice and got sick three other times, I never used the policy since most countries I visited had some form of universal health care. But at least I knew that if I lost an arm and/or I needed to be sent home, I was covered. Health care is always in the back of my mind, since I live in a country that doesn’t offer it to its citizens. As I contemplate becoming a full-time freelance writer, one of my biggest concerns is how I’ll find affordable yet comprehensive health insurance.

Well, the good news is that travel insurance is becoming more comprehensive. That’s a good thing for me, because my work policy doesn’t cover much abroad.

USA Today ran a report on new options popping up in travel insurance policies. The downside of all these new choices, the article claims, is that there are so many it’s difficult to choose one. Not a huge downside in my book. Many of the options aren’t medical in nature, like trip cancellation or trip delay coverage, but are nice to have anyway.

Read the article here for a full list and a breakdown of prices.