Year-Long Party to Celebrate Quebec’s 400 Years

Quebec is all set to celebrate, all year long. 2008 is the year the province city turns 400 years old, and its pulling out all the stops for a grande fete. Famed event planner Danny Pelchat has Olympics-like opening ceremonies scheduled for July 3, the founding date, with many more “over-the-top” activities stretching over 10 months. The almost-a-year-long bash will culminate in October with an extravaganza coordinated by Cirque du soleil.

The head of Quebec’s tourism office, Pierre Labrie, complains that Americans take the Quebec for granted. “They know we’re here and they say they’ll come someday, but they put it off.”

I guess now we’ve got our excuse. Although, maybe if we wait a little longer the U.S. dollar will rise against the loonie….

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