Big in Japan: The best butts in East Asia

Are you ready for this one?

Just when you thought news stories from Japan couldn’t get any weirder, here are scenes from the country’s best bottom competition.

Hoping to dispel the myth that Japanese girls aren’t endowed with ample rumps, the organizers of the ‘Show Me Your Sloggi’ contest paraded the sultriest curves you’ve ever seen on this side of the Pacific.

Sloggi, a popular line of underwear produced by the Swiss company Triumph International, is aiming to increase its market share in Japan.

Compared with women in the United States, Japanese women spend considerably larger sums of money on lingerie. While thongs are all the rage in the West, expensive silk and lace panties are the height of fashion here in Japan.

The winner of Japan’s best bottom: the beautiful baby doll that is 18-year old Kaho Watanabe, who overcame incredible adversity to win the competition.

“I always take care of my bottom, but I’m embarrassed to show it today because I burned it by sitting on a hair iron the other day,” said Watanabe, who was looking particularly pretty in purple.


The competition was organized by Triumph International, who had the incredibly difficult job of scanning thousands of photos of underwear clad backsides for the Tokyo-based event. After what must have been days upon days of grueling work, the best photos were posted on their web site, and users were asked to vote on the best posteriors.

Much like other great beauty contests of the world, the ‘Show Me Your Sloggi’ event wasn’t just about who had the greatest butt. On the contrary, Japan’s future ‘Best Bottom’ needed to prove to the judges and to the audience that she was well-rounded in more ways than one.

The ten contestants started off the night by giving their most sensual poses in Sloggi bras and panties. As the night progressed however, they had to show off their other skills, such as dancing or playing a musical instrument.

The undisputed highlight of the night was one when contestant proceeded to sing traditional Japanese country ballads while parading around the stage in full S&M gear.


In the end, no one could best the bubbly Kaho Watanabe, who is now heading off to Germany for the world finals in Munich. The organizers of the Tokyo-based event hope to prove to the world that Japanese girls got back, and they’re not afraid to show it off.

Watanabe is optimistic about her chances. “I can’t believe I was named ‘Japan’s best bottom’ with my burned bum. I promise I will recover before going to Germany, and I will be in full form.”

Of course, the stakes at the world finals are no laughing matter.

In addition to bringing home the gold to their country, the winner will also be awarded 10,000 euro, as well as a fully comprehensive one year insurance policy to protect their, um, best asset.

I for one would like to wish Kaho Watanabe the best of luck in the world finals – we at Gadling salute you!