Terracotta warrior tennis players to be sculpted in Shanghai

Now that the top world tennis players are starting to settle into their positions, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) have started finishing up some of the terracotta warrior sculptures they commissioned earlier this year. To date, several of the the sculptures are coming to a head (ha), with Federer and Nadal already complete. You can find new photos in the gallery below or earlier images as reported last month.

The ATP tennis circuit ends next month in Shanghai and these sculptures are sculpted by Laury Dizengremel in the guise of the ancient Terracotta Warriors, now a popular archaeological destination just outside of Xian. Should you find yourself in China around that time, stop by and check them out.

From personal experience though, if you have to pick between Xian with the real terracotta warriors versus Shanghai with the faux-tennis warriors (they’re nowhere near each other), go with Xian; Central China boasts a wealth of cultural and archaeological goodies that seem to dilute as you get closer to the Pacific.

I myself hope that some day I’m filthy rich enough to have a terracotta warrior of myself sculpted.