Cultural Revolution restaurant opens in China. Oh Joy!

It’s rather ironic to build a restaurant themed after an event in which 30 million people died of famine.

And yet, that’s exactly the spirit behind “Number One Production Brigade,” a restaurant in Shenzhen patterned after the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

According to a recent Reuters article, the restaurant is decorated with propaganda posters, portraits of communist leaders from around the world and features wait staff dressed in Red Guard uniforms from this time period (above).

The restaurant is intended to be nostalgic for those who enjoyed the Mao created communes in which simple fare was served during the ten-year revolution. If you ask me, it’s rather barbaric. This was a horrendous time period for the Chinese. And in fact, I’m very surprised that the government–which still idolizes Mao–has actually allowed it to operate. That being said, if I ever find myself in Shenzhen, I’ll certainly patronize this very odd joint. I just hope I’m not beaten to death for engaging in some cultural entertainment while dining there.