One for the Road: First-Time Africa

Planning a first visit to Africa should not be a scary thing. But, as Jens Finke says in his introduction to First-Time Africa, a first trip to the continent can indeed be “a daunting prospect.”

This new book seems like a smart first step for travelers embarking on an inaugural visit. In August, Rough Guides published this first edition guide, written and researched by Jens Finke, who biked across the Sahara when he was 18 (and also penned the Rough Guides to Tanzania and Zanzibar.) The book begins with a short chapter on each country, from Algeria to Zimbabwe — weather stats, main attractions and festivals. The second half then dives into the details: when to go, what to take, culture shock, responsible tourism and staying healthy.

It can serve as an excellent resource for anyone considering a first trip to any part of Africa. And if you’re having trouble deciding on which countries you want to visit, a flip through this one can probably help you narrow things down to the best possible destinations that match your travel goals.