One for the Road: Women Travelers – A Century of Trailblazing Adventures, 1850-1950

Earlier this week I mentioned a book by U.K. imprint Virago that celebrates women travelers of the past. And today I’ve learned of another book, (this time from French publisher Flammarion) that pays tribute to female explorers who ventured out in years gone by: Women Travelers: A Century of Trailblazing Adventures, 1850 – 1950 celebrates the courageous journeys of thirty-one fascinating women from fourteen countries.

The featured women include Fanny Vandegrift, wife of Robert Louis Stevenson, and Nellie Bly, a journalist who went around the world in seventy-two days. Others include: Ida Pfeiffer, Alexine Tinne and Florence Baker. From the publisher: In the face of social convention, these women set off into the unknown. Their bold journeys had long-lasting effects on the role and status of women in society, and they made important contributions to disciplines as varied as medicine, archeology, and anthropology.

The book of inspiring stories about pioneering women was written by French authors Alexandra Lapierre and Christel Mouchard.