One for the Road: Where to Go When

Here’s yet another big bound book full of ideas about when and where to set off on an adventure. The key word here is When. DK’s Eyewitness Travel has compiled Where to Go When: The Best Destinations All Year Round. Consultant Editor Joseph Rosendo and a team of travel experts have gathered photos and narrative descriptions for over 130 global destinations. The guide is organized by month, to help travelers focus on the best destinations for each season of the year.

Rosendo, Travelscope TV creator, will be at Distant Lands on December 3 and will appear in New York at the NYT Travel show next February. As far as weather goes, I’m pretty sure that New York does not (and should not!) appear in the “February” chapter of the book. But it’s one of the best places to promote a travel book during the cold winter months!

But is it even going to get cold this year? I digress…