One for the Road: The Practical Nomad

Ed Hasbrouck is a seasoned world traveler and expert on international airfares and travel technology. His Practical Nomad website and blog are loaded with resources about passports and the latest on RFID chips, making changes to airline flights or tickets, and important facts about travel insurance. He learned the business during his 15 years working full-time as a travel agent. But Hasbrouck eventually became quite dissatisfied with the limitations of his job — specifically, the lack of resources available for do-it-yourself travelers.

So, back in 1997, he took what he knew and created a guide for independent travelers — Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World. The just released fourth edition of this valuable guide is an expanded version of the previous three, with advice on choosing destinations and tips on travel documents, entry requirements and luggage restrictions.

Hasbrouck truly is an authority when it comes to practical travel matters. And he has a resume of travel experience that backs up his book of advice. He’s currently on his third round-the-world journey, traveling with his partner, Ruth. According to a recent post on her blog, the couple is in Argentina right now, with another seven months on the road before they return. I’m sure they’ll gather more travel tips to include in future editions of the guide!