Palin explores former Soviet Bloc

I’m not sure how I missed this, but it looks like our good friend Michael Palin has gone and done it again, this time traveling through the former Soviet Bloc while filming and writing about his adventures along the way.

Palin’s New Europe series kicked off in the Julian Alps (Slovenia) and then continued through 19 other countries–all of which have seen dramatic changes since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 123 days later, Palin finds himself in Berlin itself, where the whole domino effect of revolutions began.

In usual Palin style, the ever-productive author/traveler has once again blessed us with a book of the adventure, as well as a three-disc DVD of the BBC series. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it yet, but I think we can all assume that it will be just as excellent as his other travel programs.