Is Discovery’s Man vs. Wild a hoax? Find out Friday

This past Summer, Bear Grylls — star of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild — came under fire in a NY Post expose which claimed he “appears to camp out in quickly-built shelters deep in the wilderness while battling hypothermia and dehydration. But when the cameras stop rolling, Grylls has actually moved to luxurious hotels.”

When we covered the story, our readers responded with mixed feelings. “I don’t really think its a big deal, bear still does alot of stupid things and has proved his worth with his accomplishments,” wrote Gadling reader Adam. “The fact that he gets to kick back and relax during shooting doesn’t mean the information is any less useful, its not meant to be a documentary, more of a how to.”

Not everyone felt the same. “I see that a lot of people don’t care about the lies,” wrote another reader. “Let’s [not] fool ourselves, that is what they are…lies.”

This Friday, new episodes of Man vs. Wild will air that promise to “have more revelations about Grylls’ survival tactics in desolate places,” which will end up giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the show is made, according to the AP.

Can Bear save his reputation?