Want to make $120,000 on your next beach vacation?

Bluefield, Nicaragua isn’t in any travel guides. After all, the bars and beaches aren’t anything you couldn’t find in more American-friendly outlets like neighboring Cancun.

Which is why you’re really missing. You see, even though 85% of the 50,000 people who live in this beach-side town are unemployed, you’ll find lush mansions and pimpin’ cars. Why? It all comes down to location, location, location.

Each day, something like 35 kilograms of pure cocaine washes up on its shore. Turns out, Bluefield is basically the bull’s eye for coke that gets tossed overboard on runs from Columbia to the US coast. Here’s what one local had to say about their favorite hobby, “People here now go beachcombing for miles, they walk until the find packets. Even the lobster fisherman now go out with the pretence of fishing but really they are looking for la langosta blanca – the white lobster.”

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