New, tasteful hit in China: Osama bin Laden-shaped candy

The things people make money on in this world are quite amazing. I especially wonder about the Osama-inspired merchandise that people seem to keep producing for some reason.

A friend sent me a link to Wired’s defense blog. The author, Noah Shachtman, seems to know a thing or two about this topic. Sick of eating “baked scorpion on sticks” and “rat-shaped lollipops” in China, he is marveling over yet another culinary treat of Beijing: sugared Osama Bin Laden-shaped candies.

Shachtman says that in Afghanistan, they sell “Super Osama bin Laden Kulfa Balls“, or coconut candy manufactured in Pakistan and packaged in pink-and-purple boxes covered with images of bin Laden surrounded by tanks, cruise missiles, and jet fighters.” Yum!

While the world likes to get their daily dose of Osama orally, Americans clearly don’t find this intimate enough. Here, you could buy “Al Qaeda condoms” and “bin Laden toilet paper“. People are weird.