Photo of the Day (2-20-08)

A couple days ago, Catherine snagged one of Larixk’s photos for a Photo of the Day selection. Now, I’ve picked this one, but it’s just by chance. The message on this building captures the mood I’m in. Time, for me, comes in fits and starts. Rarely is there a smooth transition from the beginning of the day until the end. Right now, I’m wondering how long I have to finish this sentence before I have to pick my son up from the school bus. The answer? Two seconds.

How long from the time I left to pick him up and come back? 15 minutes. On a larger thematic scale, this shot has a mysterious quality. This is in Berlin, but where? What are those white tents? How long will they stay up?

If you have a shot that evokes questions about the meaning of life send it along at Gadling’s Flickr photo pool. We love to ponder.