“Swapping Kosovo for a pair of sneakers”

The person who posted the YouTube video of two young woman looting with glee in Belgrade described their actions thusly: “Belgrade bimbos exploit unrest to steal from smashed-up boutiques without the slightest shame. They are so greedy they even have to carry things in their teeth.”

Their arms laden with clothing, bags, and other sundries (including chocolates), the two women could barely carry their booty through streets clogged with other seemingly joyful looters. Although the video is in Serbian (I assume), Reuters translates some of the dialog for us; the cameraman follows the two around, asking sarcastically if they’ve found their size yet. When one of the woman asks him to turn the camera off, he responds, “but you are the heroines of this protest for me.” The video aired on Serbian television and has prompted scores of negative responses on YouTube. Reuters speculates that the shame of the publicity might be better punishment than being arrested. Decide for yourself: