Unique gift souvenir: kangaroo scrotum bottle opener

In 2007, over 3.6 million kangaroos were available for harvest in Australia. What does that mean? There are enough dead kangaroo testicles available to make ‘kangaroo scrotum bottle openers‘ an authentic and valid souvenir from Down Under.

Although kangaroo is a subject of protection under the Australian Government, the animals need to be constantly harvested to control numbers, thanks to its prolific affinity to reproduce.

I lived in Australia for three years where, after eating kangaroo tail, buffalo sausages and crocodile cutlets, I thought I’d seen and done most things authentically Ozzie. Kangaroo scrotum never came into the picture though. Bummer.

Having said that, I’m not sure how I’d feel holding on to kangaroo testicles to open a bottle (what do they stuff them with?), but I would certainly NEVER forget the person who gave it to me. They are available mostly in grey, brown and white, and $25 is not a bad price for something as “special” as this.
[Via Vagabondish]