As the A380 creeps closer to the USA, Brits wonder “why are there ash trays”?

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the A380 by now, Airbus‘s super mega jumbo modern noah’s-ark behemoth of an aircraft, capable of carrying ten thousand passengers, flying around the world twelve times and curing myopia. It’s pretty sweet. And I mean that, it’s a magnificent creature.

I’ll bet you that many of you haven’t seen it in real life though, save for a few insiders in the industry and travelers in the South East Asian sector. Fact of the matter is, Singapore Airlines is the only customer with the aircraft right now and they aren’t flying the bird anywhere near our shores.

But they’re edging their way around the world. With delightful fanfare and general British hobknobbery the A380 made it’s first appearance in London last week and the redcoats are tickled pink. Swooning reviews are popping up left and right serenading the aircraft and telling us wild stories of how in business class they have two hooks for your coat on the seat in front of you. Two hooks! I could do anything with two hooks! They do go on to raise and answer an interesting question about ash trays though and why the heck modern airlines are still required to have them.

And honestly, I am looking forward to my first A380 flight, although unlike most reviewers I’ll probably be rolling like everyone else in cattle class. If you’d like to check out a review without the pleasure of the writer drooling all over himself though, check out The Cranky Flier’s experience.