Avant-garde hotel in Bratislava mysteriously vanishes

Is it a coincidence? Maybe not. Some analysts go as far as to say it was the travel writers’ fault.

An avant-garde hotel some 5-15 minutes from Bratislava’s city center suddenly disappeared after hundreds of travel publications around the world received repeated spam emails from that very establishment and wished it would “just finally go away.”

“Can somebody go to Bratislava and firebomb this place?” suggested a travel blogger and an avid scientologist after the 587th time she received an email message advertising an “Avant-garde hotel in Bratislava; luxurious appartment with three terraces and unchallenged view of cardinal points and cityscape. Accommodation in relaxation pyramid room for 2 – 8 people. Good charge.”

Now, she feels very, very bad about what she said. Sadly, nothing can bring the avant-garde hotel back. Please rest in peace. Good charge.