UK offers virtual funerals

One of the only times travel sucks is when you have to for a dear one’s funeral. In our chaotic lives these days, unless it’s very close family or friends, it’s tough to be able to travel cross-continent just to pay respect to someone dear who has died.

The UK has a solution for this: overseas mourners of deceased family or friends in Britain will no longer need to feel bad that they cannot fly in for the funeral as they can now watch it on a live web cast.

The initiative is the brain child of bereavement music company Wesley Music and can be availed of for a one time fee of £75. The funeral web cast will be live from a camera at the chapel, and to view the funeral you will be given a special access password.

Although criticized by many, I personally think it’s a great service — especially if you live in a different country — as you can be part of a funeral not only mentally and spiritually, but ‘visually’ as well, almost as good as being there, no?

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